Our Philosophy

We love nature, we love Yoga and a healthy life! And these are what we want to share with our guests! Nature is a permanent source of beauty, inspiration and energy. And so, it has the power to enhance and boost our lives for good. Regular Yoga practices activate our energetic levels and self awareness. Combining nature with yoga, choosing special venues to set up a week of healthy nourishment and comfort for our guests is our first aim. Our commitment is to create for (and with) you an unforgettable experience of balanced holidays in a friendly atmosphere, where daily yoga practices, meditation, alternative practices, ceremonies and healthy food will guide each of the participants to his best state. Self awareness, mindfulness of the body-mind-feelings, silence and harmony are some of the wonders you can aspire on this “Holy-days" with SolarYoga Retreats. LIFE IS HERE AND NOW… LET'S LIVE IT FULLY!

Ingrid Christiansen

Ingrid Christiansen

Founder & Yoga Instructor

Founder & Yoga Instructor

Ingrid has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years. She initially studied in Argentina with Victoria Fernandez, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.She studied also the Devarya Yoga Teacher training on Ibiza, Vinyasa Yoga , Yin Yoga with Travis Eliot and diferent energy healings.

Ingrid loves to share her passion and inspire people into a healthier and more peaceful lifestyle.Her teaching flows between the dynamic practices of Vinyasa and Hatha flow Yoga and to release and let go Ingrid like to share the Yin Yoga in the afternoon!Every practice will integrates body, mind, and spirit to create a meditation in movement synchronizing movement and breath to deepen the experience of the practice.

Yoga will always be her passion and path of life.
Personal Details:Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 41 years ago, Ingrid lives and works between Ibiza and Brazil she also lived some years in Germany and Italy so she can comunicad with her clients in English, German, Spanish and Italian.

She likes an healthy lifestyle and loves to enjoy sun, nature and meditations and is organising Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Ibiza and Brazil since 7 years.

Ingrid is a certificated yoga teacher and has been also a holistic masseur for more then ten years on the Island of Ibiza. She has participated in many spiritual retreats and energetic healing courses such as Reiki, cellular memory, massage therapy, frequencies of brilliance, rebirthing and breathwork amongst others.

Ixtaly Nagual

Ixtaly Nagual

Meditation facilitator

Meditation facilitator

Ixtaly Nagual - Meditation Facilitator and Co-founder of SYR - Ixtaliy was born in Peru in 1968 and raised in Colombia and Brazil. She chosed traveling as a back-packer craft woman for many years all over Latin America and later on in Europe, specially in Ibiza, Spain. This journey opened her creativity and sensitivity to social and human issues. Her passage through the Andes mountains and Amazonian rainforest very early in her life carved her deeply inside and was marked by the teachings of Huachuma - also known as San Pedro, the ancestral sacred cactus of the Andes, that inspired and transformed her life in one session , opening her body-mind-soul to a completely new life.

Friends with Ingrid since 2001, she joined Ingrid's retreats project in 2017 when she moved to France, starting by serving breakfasts and meals to discover rightaway after the first retreat she participated that Meditation must be part of these retreats and since then studying and becoming a devoted practitioner of Mindfulness. One teacher trainning in two sessions (2018 and 2019) at Solterreno Mindful Achademy and a consistant practice gave her the tools to teach meditation and mindful living.

On the retreats, besides serving breakfast and holding space for participants at any time required, she facilitates Mindfulness Meditation workshops inspired by the Mindfulness based stress reduction program (MBSR) and offers holistic massages to balance energy and reconnect to the self and Tarot readings to bring to light subjects that need attention and a fresher way of seeing She is also one of the co-founders of the association Verdejar d'Ajuda verdejardajuda.org, an ecological project in Bahia, Brazil, which mission is to plant a million trees and bring environmental education and awareness of our responsibility to mitigate the impact of climate change to her community, and part of the benefits of the retreats supports it.


Medicine from Mucura

I am Nak (Nacho Cano) and Mucura is a magical plant that gives name to my work.

I facilitate self-healing experiences and tools for raising awareness.
I am a student and ambassador of Traditional Andean Amazonian Medicine.

President of the Plantaforma, Director of the Confederation for the Defense of Life in Lima and member of the Coherent Movement Network and share the medicine ceremonies since 18 years.

Natalie Steward

Breathwork, Meditation and Yoga Facilitator

Natalie is passionate about helping others go beyond the mind to self exploration within. As a trained breathwork, meditation and Yin Yoga facilitator, Natalie invites us to connect to what is already there and asks “how can we be more of our true authentic selves?”
Natalie has a love for music, movement and uses a range of embodiment practices to help us move away from our thinking minds so that we can feel more.

As a trained mindfulness (MBSR) facilitator, Natalie helps us connect to our own inner wisdom; uncovering our truth, passions and desires. Natalie is committed to her own personal journey and as a soul leader, she deeply embodies her own unique gifts to naturally inspire, teach and guide others. Truly inspired by plant medicine, she believes “all the answers are within”