Discover the Healing Power of Plant Medicine

Blue Flower

The use of psychoactive substances in spiritual and therapeutic practices has been prevalent throughout history. These substances, often referred to as entheogens, have been used by various cultures to induce altered states of consciousness and facilitate spiritual experiences and healing. From psychedelic mushrooms to ayahuasca and peyote, these substances have been considered sacred and used in shamanic rituals and religious ceremonies for thousands of years . The belief in their ability to connect individuals with the divine or provide healing and insight has persisted across many civilizations and continues to be explored today.

It's fascinating to see many of mother nature's gifts once again receiving the recognition they deserve for their healing benefits. The exploration of altered states of consciousness and the therapeutic applications of these substances have been the subject of increasing scientific research. Studies are shedding light on their potential for addressing mental disorders like depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction.

These entheogens or “master plants” as they are often known for their “teachings” have been reported to induce a wide range of effects on perception, consciousness, and spirituality. Many individuals have described deep emotional and philosophical insights, feelings of oneness with the universe, increased empathy, forgiveness and enhanced sociality.

The dissolution of the ego and the experience of unity, where one feels connected to everything as a whole, is often considered one of the most profound and significant effects of these substances. It goes beyond intellectual notions or beliefs about unity, providing a direct and experiential understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. These experiences can have a transformative impact on individuals and their perspectives on life, consciousness and existence.

Based on our own personal and transformational journey and on the intensive research about these sacred plants and mushrooms (which we consider as spirits or entities and not just as mere substances) we introduced Ayahuasca Ceremonies as part of our retreats in 2019. These ceremonies provide an opportunity for deeper healing and transformation for those who feel the call to expand their consciousness and discover the different layers of the self. 

We have witnessed among our guests transformation, healing and an opportunity to view life from a broader perspective. This has enabled guests to open to new ways of seeing and creating their reality which has deeply motivated us to continue this path of collective expansion and healing.

The combination of different modalities including yoga, meditation, and the ceremonial consumption of these plants and medicines has provided a powerful platform for personal growth and self-discovery for our guests. By integrating ancient practices with contemporary approaches we have created an environment where individuals can explore their inner realms and connect with what truly matters in life.

Due to the huge demand and increase in popularity of Ayahuasca in recent years, from 2024 we will include psilocybin ceremonies as part of our retreats. It is our intention to gradually make a conscious transition, understanding that the power of psilocybin is as transcendental and ancestral as Ayahuasca but with less ecological impact. An opportunity to connect with a more widely available and local transformational plant medicine. 

It is with the highest integrity that we offer these retreats. With full commitment to prepare our guests for this journey and support them in the integration of this healing. We pride ourselves on co-creating a beautiful space of safety and trust where participants can open gradually to their own truth and to what needs attention in their lives. 

Supported by trusted and experienced facilitators, our ceremonies are held respecting native traditions. We offer our guests a safe and magical journey, in exceptional locations surrounded by nature. Supported by a warm and open hearted team, not to mention delicious food and daily practices,  our guests are able to fully relax into a week long journey of self discovery that is difficult to explain in words