Tropical Awakening

Tropical Awakening

Yoga & Plant Medicine Retreat Amidst Brazil's Serenity

6 days and 5 nights


Be welcome to this journey of awakening and potential transformation. The theme for this retreat is cultivating self love and deeper awareness. We will host 6 and 7 days of Yoga, Mindfulness & Master Plants Ceremony retreats to integrate these sacred plant teachings to our ordinary lives in a safe and beautiful environment.


  • Extended stays are arrangleble on request.

  • Walking with expanded consciousness and a more integrated and healthy body-mind-soul HUMAN BEING is what we aim for YOU with this experience!

  • Second ayahuasca ceremony on request and charged apart €80


Immerse yourself in daily practices, from invigorating Vinyasa flows to blissful Yin sessions, creating moments of inner peace and self-discovery.


Daily yoga practice - Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga

to harmonize body and mind.

All levels welcome!


Workshop and daily practices to cultivate

a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment- with acceptance and without judgment.


Powerful breathing technique with music to achieve altered states of consciousness and to have a variety

of effects on physical and mental well-being.

Ayahuasca ceremony

1 Included ceremony and a second optional ceremony not included in the price

Sharing circles & Cacao ceremony

Enjoy a soul-nourishing sharing circles, fostering connection through empathic and mindful

communication.The closing circle is accompanied by pure cacao drink, known as ceremonial cacao.

Delightful stay

5 Nights accommodation + 2 daily delicious healthy vegetarian meals

Extended stay possible to be arranged.

Optional extra activities

Optional extra activities

Please be aware that the retreat price does not include these activities, and separate charges may apply.


Indulge in rejuvenating massages by requesting them during your stay at the retreat. (1h)

Tarot Reading

Enhance your retreat experience by requesting personalized tarot readings during your stay.

I Ching Reading

Request personalized I Ching Reading based on your birthdate with Tuina massage (2hs sesssion)


Stand-up paddleboarding, a serene addition to your retreat, blending tranquility with the beauty of the shoreline.




Ingrid is a certified yoga teacher with 15 years of experience who offers Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga.

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Ixtaliy leads meditation workshops and offers holistic massages. She is dedicated to helping individuals explore their authentic selves.

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Accommodation & Prices

& Prices

Shared triple cabin or double bedroom


Shared double bedroom (2 single beds) with private bathroom


Private bedroom shared bathroom


Private luxury bedroom with private bathroom


Shared luxury double bedroom with private bathroom

€1800 (900 pp)



Villa Escondida Rua do Prado 77, Arraial d'Ajuda, Bahia

How to get there

PORTO SEGURO (BPS) Airport or Bus Station, taxi to the Ferry to crosso to Arraial and van or taxi to our street. 2 Min wlk down the hill in dirt road. Transfer can be provided to bring you and your lugagge until the door of the house.

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